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Fifty five sisters
Oversize T-shirt
Oversize T-shirt
Oversize T-shirt
Oversize T-shirt
Our t-shirts are made of cotton and modal fabric combination which is most preferred natural fabrics.Our basics have a soft touch and also they are highly durable.Our fabrics make ironing easier as they let your skin breathe.
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Shipping will take place next day after your order. The tracking number will be sent you via e-mail so you can track your product on all steps. Products will be shipped right to your door. 

Cancellation & Return

If anything happens and the package is damaged in any way while it is delivered to you, we will accept the return for free. It is important that you check your product on the door.


All products should be washed at 30° or by hand. Ironing should be done from the inside to prevent any flaw or damage to the fabrics. 

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